Sunday, September 6, 2009

A cute 9 month old!

So this cute lil girl and her parents came over the other day. She got a "A" for just being adorable... and also for being fixated on my bucket of apples LOL. I have a fall prop that is a small bushel basket with fake apples in it... she was very intrigued and tried to eat one. The shot with her in front of her parents' feet the bucket as about 5 feet away... she kept crawling over and we had to keep bringing her back and we were laughing really hard because she was so fixated on it. Finally I gave her an apple and hid the rest away... her happy smile cracks me up because she seems to be saying "I won! I won again!".

Now the pink cowboy hat and boots totally cracks me up... we added my white tutu prop because it was just too darn cute and pulled the whole look together. She actually liked wearing it... so *fer sher* she is a girly-girl!

And this first one in the polka-dot dress on her tummy... her mom kept feeding her those little fruity crunchy snacks... and she LOVES those things... She looks totally posed but if you look carefully you'll see the REAL reason why her hand is so close to her face...

D, thanks so much for coming over! I had a great time getting to know you and singing "Popcorn Popping". Hope your trip was fun!

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