Thursday, September 17, 2009

A 2 year old girl

So this lil girl I've been photographing since she was a lil bitty. I've known her momma for YEARS. Anyway, she turned two a few months ago, and I captured her in a 3 generation session earlier this summer. But I really wanted a model for my basket of apples, and so guess who I turned to? YUP! And as her mom and I planned, we decided pink leg warmers would be cute with a tutu... and big floppy ribbons in her hair. The outfit she came over in, the red and white striped, was too adorable. So we let her climb on up and look at the fantastic smile we got! She sure loved the basket of apples, too. The bale of hay? Well, I think it poked at her... so it was reaaaaallllllllly hard getting her back on LOL. I love her expression... she looks like she's waiting for something to happen. She LOVES her root beer, and I loved how she was sitting, so we got her taking a sippy break. And the one with the eyelashes? Breath-taking! I adore that one. And the first one here... sooo precious! What a cutie! Thanks D for letting me photograph your daughter for yet *another* time! LOL

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