Monday, September 21, 2009

A 4 week old preemie

So as some of you may know, there are some new poses/techniques that I am trying to learn on my own for photographing newborns. To get that curly, sleepy look and just be able to manipulate them into all kinds of adorable positions, they need to be under the age of 2 weeks. In case YOU are interested, and for a limited time only, I am giving away one hour newborn sessions just so I can learn these poses.

So this is a friend of a friend, please meet N&A and their cute new baby, who was 4 weeks premature, so he's really at 0 weeks. *perfect* And he did wake up a bit, only to go right back to sleep. What a peaceful baby! :D

So the one pose, I couldn't get... but after studying I think I figured it out. Below is my first attempt at a hanging baby pose NOT using a pre-made sling. It's a pretty good first attempt. I do believe that after doing this and then re-studying I've figured some other things out so I'm working on it! But Mom and Dad LOVED this, it was their favorite and I sneaked it out to them on FB right after the session on Friday so LOL... they LOVE it. I'm so glad.

Anyway, this new lil family is adorable, and I hate to only know them for a short time, since they are PCSing in like 6 weeks! But I'm glad I got to meet you and the lil one... thanks so much for helping me out. I hope you love your sneak peek!

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