Monday, September 29, 2008

Cute family!

Crista and I have been trying to do their portraits for a very long time. We were finally able to get together this past Saturday to do not only family portraits, but Lilah's first birthday portraits as well! Crista, I hope you love your images! I think they turned out GREAT!

Lovely Senior Portraits

I received a phone call about Senior portraits from a family in Palmer, and I went up there on
Friday afternoon, the other most beautiful day last week! I was so grateful to have such beautiful weather, and even the trees and clouds cooperated with me.

This is Amanda, and she is a lovely young lady. This family just moved here from the lower 48, and from what I can tell, they already love it here! We did outside portraits, and also studio portraits, and had a really good time. Thanks to Amanda's sister and mom, we got quite a bit of use out of the reflector so lighting was *perfect*.

I think these turned out great... Amanda and family, I hope you love your sneak-peek, 'cause I sure do... and Gina, there's a surprise for you at the end!

Just look at her long lashes!

This is Jassy... and she has such beautiful eyes and eyelashes! I can't get over how gorgeous they are... a beautiful amber brown!

When I first got to their house, she watched me and noticed every little thing I did that morning. She's very curious and observant, and I could "see" the wheels and gears whirling in her little head about how everything went together. As you can see, she loves her Jesus Bear, which was a wonderful gift from her grandparents. For a girl about to get more teeth, she was a trooper!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Her first teeth!

This lil girl is a cutie! She was very serious when I came in with my stuff and watched me as I built my studio. It took a while for her to warm up to me... but the greatest reward was her adorable little belly laugh! I would say every expression was so cute, even her little pout!
Thanks Melissa, Greg, and little Hailey! I hope you love these as much as I do!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A very neat family

This is a neat family that called me up and said "we want pictures done". We met on the only dry evening this week, Monday night LOL, and got their photos done.
It was really sunny, for which I was so grateful, and the lake was beautiful!
And check out Connor's cool mohawk... it so fits him and his rocker style!
Thanks Kristen and family, for a fun evening at Mirror Lake. Can't wait to get the rest of your images to you!