Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A senior in the rain

I've been wanting to photograph a cute teenage guy who plays a guitar for a loooong time, and the opportunity presented itself last week. We got together on Saturday night at a local park on base, because he "likes nature". LOL

Now, his guitar situation is rather unique. He is left-handed, and plays left-handed, but had purchased a right-handed guitar. He strung his guitar to work upside down, and so for you purists who might point and say, "His guitar is upside down!" trust me, he knows how to play AND sing and he's really sweet.

His friend and her mom accompanied him on our shoot and so there was a lot of laughing. We were wondering if the rain was going to let up, and it almost did, and then it started to pour again! So we were singing in the rain and getting soaked! If you look closely, you can see the rain drops on his shirt... and towards the end you can see the rain zinging past him LOL.

Justin, I hope you love your sneak-peek. You were a trooper for hanging out in the rain for so long the other day! Thanks again for choosing HBP!

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