Monday, September 29, 2008

Just look at her long lashes!

This is Jassy... and she has such beautiful eyes and eyelashes! I can't get over how gorgeous they are... a beautiful amber brown!

When I first got to their house, she watched me and noticed every little thing I did that morning. She's very curious and observant, and I could "see" the wheels and gears whirling in her little head about how everything went together. As you can see, she loves her Jesus Bear, which was a wonderful gift from her grandparents. For a girl about to get more teeth, she was a trooper!


tazzygurl611 said...

Wow you really captured Jasmine's eyes! Although she was grumpy you did get some great shots before she decided to take a nap. Fabulous Megan !

Lady laura said...

These are great photos! Beautiful soft lighting that really captured your subject. She's a beautiful little girl!!