Thursday, September 10, 2009

A 2 month old!

So 2-month old babies just don't like to sleep on command like 1 week olds. We *almost* had her asleep and then my husband came down the stairs talking and I said "shhh" and it was all over. Apparently it was a miracle that we even got her to nap! She hates sleeping! Of course, if you have a big sister like hers who is super busy and doesn't stop at all during the day except to get a snack LOL... you want to be just like her! NO NAPS NOW! lol

I can see the protest against their mom now.

So this little cutie came over with her mom and did fall asleep... but wouldn't go completelyout... but when she woke up she was in the most cheerful mood! Oh my gosh just grin after grin after cute expression! Dimples galore! She was in the glory of her girliness!

So some of you know of the battle I've had with the sling prop that I ordered earlier this year. It's supposed to be for newborns but I haven't been able to make it work... TIL NOW! So. Apparently it works well for 2-month-olds and 3 month olds... the chubbier the better and the more their toes stick through the stitches, the absolutely more adorable it is. So folks with 2 and 3 month olds need to call soon for a shot with this prop! It is toooo cute!

LOVE the smiles. Thanks, M, for coming over! I had a good time hanging with you for a bit!

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