Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hospital portraits!

Last evening, my cell phone rang. Miss P from Monday night had said that she felt she'd be having the baby that evening, or the next day. Well, I got a call from a good friend of hers who said that I needed to call them right away... at the hospital! LOL They sounded very tired, but happy.

I went in with my husband, Jim, who was my assistant for today with the reflector. I don't like to use flash at the hospital because baby eyes shouldn't be exposed to such harsh flashes. Everyone was wreathed in smiles... except R. He... was a little jealous LOL. I did get a few of him and his baby brother, much against his wishes, but I think we got some great photo-journalistic shots of this family and their new addition. This baby is so sweet. He loves his binky! Here are my favorites from their session today. Look for the baby's "smile" with his parents! It's so sweet!

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