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The Buzz July 2008

The Buzz
It’s July! It’s Independence Day! It’s Pioneer Day! It’s a wonderful month to be in Alaska!
It’s summer now in Alaska and I’m looking forward to doing some fun things this month. I’ve been doing a bunch of biking, which has been so fun! I’ve seen more of Elmendorf biking than I have been driving.
We went to the Air Show on Saturday. THAT was pretty exciting! All those tricks and fly-bys were dangerous looking, but I know they practice all the time! Here are some photos from that day.

I have so much to share with you guys! For some reason, I didn’t get a newsletter out for June (I was really sick and sneezing so hard that it racked my entire body). So I have some stuff to share about June that happened, and of course what’s coming up in July!
Onto the newsletter!
In this month’s Issue:
How to successfully photograph fireworks
Black and white settings in Photoshop
HBP’s Special of the Month
Fabulous HBP News
Operation: Love Reunited
Some cool stuff I’m going to offer this summer!
Session ideas
One of my favorite things

How to Successfully photograph fireworks.
Living in Alaska and having the sun go down at approximately 11:30 at night causes some problems for us traditionalists who love to watch the fireworks at 9:30 pm when it’s very dark in the lower 48. Apparently there are going to fireworks over the lake in Seward, so that is a place that you could check out. Anyway, here are some tips on how to photograph those fireworks.
1. You need a tripod. This is the only way to get shake-free photos of fireworks.
2. Set your DSLR on manual focus, or your SLR on infinity, and use these combinations.
ISO 100 f/11 ISO 400 f/16 ISO 1000 f/22
If you have a high end point and shoot, you can scroll around and search for manual settings. Check your manual for this information.
3. Since the fireworks create their own paths of light, you should leave the shutter open for a few seconds to capture the trail of light of each rocket. Two-second exposures produce a good pattern, but interesting overlapping patterns can be produced by exposures of up to several minutes. When using such long exposures, however, be sure to arrange your composition so that there are no brightly lit areas in the foreground- for example, streetlights- since these may be distractingly over-exposed. Living in Alaska and it not being dark enough will certainly over expose. So you should probably keep to like a 4 second rule.
-Information from the New York Institute of Photography.

Black and White settings in Photoshop.
Now, I’m familiar with Photoshop, although I am far from an expert. I am pretty sure that you can do these settings in Elements as well. Yes, I use a lot of purchased actions, but I have some great settings to do manually, too.
1. My favorite! Open your image, and make sure you have re-sized it and curved/sharpened it. Go to Image, Adjustments, and Channel Mixer.
a. A window will pop up and you can put in any numbers you want, as long as all 3 numbers add up to 100. My favorite combo is 25 for red, 50 for green and 25 for blue. Play with the constant slide til you like what you see. Click ok, then go back into Image, adjustments, then brighten and contrast. Play with those slides til you get the perfect appearance.
2. Another way to get black and white is to type the CTRL button and the letter U. Play with the saturation slider till you like what you see. Make sure you do brighten and contrast, too.
3. If you like warmer tones of black and white, like a barely sepia look (which looks better on inside photos than outside photos), then follow these directions. Follow the directions from #1. Press CTRL+U. Click on the colorize button. Take the slider marked Hue and put it in the orangey-yellow area, then de-saturate a little. You can actually colorize all black and whites this way. Look at little Allison’s announcement:

I hope I’ve helped you to see there is more than choosing the pre-sets in Elements or using Grayscale. Enjoy!

HBP’s special of the month!
I am extending to all a free session this month! It doesn’t matter if you are a past client or a new one. BUT… if you are a past client, you also get a 25% discount! You need to call right away because I don’t have much left for the books in July.

Introducing Bringing Home Baby!
I found my sweet family to model my Bringing Home Baby package. Dustin and Mandie, and their adorable new baby, Brodie.
I am introducing a new program for families that are about to get bigger in the Anchorage area! This package includes three sessions, The Maternity, the Hospital, and The Newborn. These sessions are done at your convenience, however there is a window of time needed to capture the images you want.
The Maternity session will highlight your beautiful baby bump. Don't worry about the stretchmarks; I can air-brush those! I can photograph you and your husband, and kids in these! This is a studio style session, and I bring my studio to your home, back drops, lights and other accessories. Here are a couple of samples.

The Hospital Session is generally done the day after your baby is born. I come with camera and a reflector and use as much natural light as possible to create beautiful, black and white journalistic-style images that will be treasured for years to come in your scrapbook. Here are some samples:

The third session is your Newborn session, at home and I bring my studio and do natural light as well. This session is best done before your newborn is 3 weeks old. I have a list of recommended props and such that you may already have and I also have a few things that I bring as well. Here are a few samples.

This is just a sample of the many poses that I do for you in the Bringing Home Baby package. Please consider that I spend a lot of time with you; at least 2 hours for the maternity and new born sessions, and just 1 at the hospital, plus all of the editing that is done, which can take several hours per session.
With each session, you receive an 8x10 of your choice, and also a 10x20 collage plus mini-mount, with artist's choice of images from all 3 sessions. This is a value of $368.00, available to you for only $300.00. Any portraits or products that you might purchase in addition to your package you will receive 15% off extra.
Fabulous News: I am introducing this package for only $250! That is a steal! If you are currently expecting, and you want to lock in this price, you need to call ASAP. The first session is to be done 32-34 weeks. If you are farther along, but not by too much, and you want to do these in the next week or so, then call right away. You can lock this price in and have your maternity session by December 31, 2008. (Don’t worry, I will have more specials for the new year, but I have to let the dates expire at some point in time).
Operation: Love Reunited
I just joined an organization called Operation: Love Reunited. The website is Get your tissues out before you go to the site; you *will* cry!
If your dh is deployed, or about to deploy, I can offer you two free sessions, the first would be all of you together before he leaves, or while he's gone of your family. From that session, I would put together a 4x6 photo album of 20 images (artist's choice) to send to your beloved airman/marine/sailor/soldier. Then, when he comes home, I will accompany you to the airport to capture all of the emotion and drama of the moment you and your family are reunited.
Again, these 2 sessions are free, and the first session your husband gets the free album of 20 images, professionally printed. The value of this is $260. I'm also offering a 20% discount for any portraits or products purchased. However, there is NO obligation to purchase anything, according to the guidelines set by the organization.
If you would like more information, please call me or send me a private message. I hope to hear from you!
I live in Anchorage, Ak on Elmendorf AFB. I am willing to travel up to 10 miles away from where I live to photograph you on location for this service. Otherwise it will be $0.50 a mile.
These sessions need to meet the guidelines as put forward by this organization.
Here are some cute girls I photographed a couple of weeks ago for their daddy serving in Iraq.

Cool Ideas for Sessions!
Are you in love or just love to be loved by your lover? Let’s do some “romantical” images of you and your significant other at sunset. Yes, sunset! Then we can get something beautiful like this:
Now I know that sunset is really late, but get a sitter, and include this as part of your date for the evening. These sessions start at 10:30 pm and the retainer fee is $50.00. This is a fabulous deal, and I don’t know any established photographers who will do this for you at this cheap a price!
Playground portraits are super fun and you hit two birds with one stone: You get fun portraits, and your kids get to play!
Portrait parties are a great way to earn portraits, visit with friends and have one of your guests win a 16x20! Call for more info!
Summer is a time for family reunions, and there is always someone missing from the photographs… the person taking the picture. Call me to do your family reunions, and have both posed and candid photography done for up to 4 hours. A fun time will be had by all and you won’t have to worry if someone got photos done with Auntie Mildred.
Another NEWS tidbit for Honey Bee Photography!
We are going to start doing weddings again, and we are looking for head-hunters to help us! If you know a bride who is looking for a CHEAP but good photographer, then both of you will get a great deal! I need to update my wedding portfolio, and so I am doing weddings really cheap this summer: $299 for up to 4 hours of service. This price also includes 25-4x6s and 20% off portrait purchases. My head-hunters get a FREE session and a FREE 16x20 with purchase. Call today for more details! This offer expires August 31, 2008 for the weddings, and head-hunters must do their session by September 15, 2008. These headhunter sessions are outdoors, natural light only.

One of my favorite things
Well, anyone who knows me knows I am a snacker. I went to Costco and discovered a brand new product called Popchips. Oh my heck… they are sooo tasty, crunchy, salty and flavorful. You can dip them, too, and they don’t get soggy like baked potato chips. They are very healthy and I don’t have to feel guilty for having some with my sandwich. You can check out for more information.
I do not receive endorsements from any products or services that I highlight in this section of my newsletter.
Thank you for reading my newsletter, The Buzz. You are receiving this newsletter because you have requested it. If you wish to be removed from my mailing list, please email me with the word Unsubscribe in the subject line and I will remove you. However, I hope you stay!

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