Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beautiful Maternity Portraits

I got a phone call from a new client, from Mr. E, and I called him back. He was interested in doing the Bringing Home Baby package, and I asked him when his wife was due. He replied that she was due any day now, and I responded, well, we gotta do the maternity portraits NOW.

I went over to their home last night to photograph Miss P, Mr. E, and their adorable son, R. Miss P's mom is visiting her daughter's family to help her with the baby. My assistant and I were completely spoiled by authentic Turkish food, recipes so simple and delicious. They are going to email the recipes to me for a delicious artichoke dish, and also a wonderfully perfect tart, salty and a bit sweet cabbage rolls. I will put those recipes on this blog when I get them.

Miss P's baby bump is beautiful, although she is very ready to give birth to A. He's going to be a beautiful baby, and she is looking forward to having him in her arms. Here are my favorite images from our session last night. Mr. E and Miss P, thanks so much for having us in your home and getting to know you! It was a fun evening and I know we enjoyed being over. Best wishes for a safe and exciting delivery. Don't forget to call me when you guys get to the hospital!

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