Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Portrait Parties

As the summer winds down, and you aren't traveling and such any more... it's time to think about having a portrait party! These are so fun and help the hostess earn FREE portraits and products. Your guests get to have a free tiny session (up to 20 minutes) and I have a 16x20 giveaway. This is the perfect way to do those fantasy type portraits. You just need at LEAST 6 guests/families to participate.

Here's how to do it.
1. Figure out what you want your theme to be. Do you have all girls? Then invite your friends who have girls and we can do a tea-party theme for each guest. Have all boys? We can do a construction worker or cowboy theme. Have all babies? We can do all babies! Outside or inside, we can make it happen for you. We can even do just families!
2. Figure out when you want to hold it. I would suggest in 2 weeks after you have decided to have one.
3. Contact ALL of your friends and let them know about your party. Direct them to my website and blog and let them get some ideas together. You can even email your ideas to them about which theme you are thinking about. Have them contact you within a few days to say yes or no.
4. Put together your list of who wants to come and give me their names, phone numbers and emails. I call to schedule their reservation so you don't have to figure it out yourself. Organization is the key to success for your party.
5. Where to do this? Well, I photograph on location, so we can open up your home for studio style portrait sessions, OR we can do these outside. There are lots of beautiful places in the area to do your sessions outside. With this, then folks should dress for the weather.
6. On the day of your party, I will come early to either set up or scout around for the perfect place to photograph within easy view of the parking lot at the location of your choice and set up there. You should plan to be there at the same time as I so you can set up drinks and snacks. I will discuss the schedule for the day with you and also the easy paperwork. I call your guests the night before to answer any questions they may have and give them some instructions for the next day, such as arriving early for the session since we are on a schedule, etc. The biggie is dressing for the weather.
7. We can schedule your session somewhere in there... however, it works best as either the first session, or the last session.
8. Your friends' names go into a pot to win a free 16x20. I will contact that person after the party.
9. I will send out a sneak peek within 48 hours of your party, and it will take the full 2 weeks to get the rest of the images out. After the images are out, you are responsible for collecting orders (everyone gets an order form and a price list at the party) within 2 weeks after the images are out. Depending on sales, you will get free and reduced priced portraits and products.
10. When I receive the portraits and products, I will sort them according to the orders and bring them to you. It is then up to you to deliver the portraits to your guests.

See? It is sooo easy to do a portrait party!
Now... if you want to have a Girl's Night Out, I do both Glamour type portraiture and ALSO I do Pin-up photography. I have a certified cosmetologist join me and she does the hair and makeup. The Glamour makeup and hair style will be an evening-out look, and guests are welcome to bring evening gowns, and such, and I have boas, large pieces of fabric, and such to represent the tops of evening gowns. The Pin-up makeup and hair-style will be reminiscent of the 1940's styles and so will the posing. Your guests are encouraged to bring specific styles of clothing, shoes, etc for this type of session. Because a cosmetologist is there to do the hair and makeup, and the photography lasts longer and the post processing is much different than a regular session, there is a fee for both, to be pre-paid before the day of the portrait party. I charge $100.00 for this, and a 5x7 is included. The makeover usually takes an hour, and the session lasts for about 45 minutes, including clothing changes.

Please call for more information! Thanks for your interest!

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