Thursday, August 27, 2009

He was on R&R!

So I've photographed this lovely family before and I just think they are so sweet! Her wonderful husband was on R&R and so of course she knew that she had to take advantage of my Christmas in July and August program. We were so blessed to have such a beautiful day in the midst of so many soggy days. We had such a great time at Cottonwood park (my most favorite place to go... so many options there!) and the mosquitos were actually not too bad!

Now this flag shot was for sure a request. She really wanted something that went along the lines of what we'd done in the studio. Of course we had to totally wait for the wind to co-operate LOL... and that was actually several minutes. Just as we were about to give up and come back to it, the wind decided to be helpful again.

I adore this shot... Especially with the glow action applied below!

I love this jump for joy! Thanks so much for letting me photograph your family for you! It was a privilege to do so. You have a terrific family!

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