Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rainy Day Photo Shoot

Please meet my friend and hair designer, Shannon. She works now at Salon Nirvana on W. Northern Lights. I won't go see anyone else, she is an amazing colorist and is just the sweetest person EVER. She invited me to come photograph her beautiful family on her sister's ranch and I'll tell ya... this was my dream shoot come true. I have been wanting to photograph lifestyle portraits for a long time, and this type of shoot was right up my alley... I was really excited to go on up and meet and spend some time with her family.

Well, the weather had other ideas. *sigh*

Luckily, they had a FABULOUS porch. Luckily, my husband came with me and I had brought my tripod (which always accompanies me for shoots) and my leopard umbrella. You can imagine my husband standing in the rain, holding a very girly looking leopard print umbrella and sopping wet, protecting my camera and lens with tender loving care. I have to say I'm really lucky that I actually stopped at the door before we left to pluck the umbrella off the hook on the way out. Jim did mention during the shoot that we should invest in one of those huge black umbrellas. You know... just in case we get to do another photo shoot in the rain. LOL.

It was actually not bad. I wasn't cold at all, the rain was really refreshing. And Shannon's sweet family fed us nummy lasagna and garlic bread afterward. I have to tell you Kari, Noah thinks your garlic bread is WAY better than mine. You must have a secret!

So you can imagine, posing this super cute family of all boy grandchildren LOL, making sure everyone's hair and shirts didn't get wet, under the porch, and then running out in the yard to use my camera and get great shots. Yeah, I can tell you are laughing now. No I didn't fall in any mud. Not this time. *wink*

Shannon and family, I really hope you love your sneak peek. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to come over and photograph your family. I can't wait to get a dry day in September so we can finish the shoot with the cool fences and the horses and all. I had a great time meeting everyone and I'm just grateful for wonderful folks like the ones in your family. You guys ROCK!

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