Friday, July 31, 2009

Oplove RD

Look at these beautiful girls with these big smiles! We had a fun time the other evening... your girls are delightful and I enjoyed recounting it with Jimmy.

Now I usually don't have to work too hard to get a cutie like this 4 month old to smile for me. I play a little peek-a-boo, a little sneezing... and voila! I get all the best smiles.

Not this baby. She studied me for quite a while, watched me as I performed all my little tricks. I bet she was laughing inwardly! But then bright as the sun, she cracked into this HUGE grin and you will find many versions of it below. Nothing like a straight-up audience... gives a girl a little to worry about... that lamb-on-the-head-and-then-I-sneeze-and-it-falls-off routine might be getting old after nearly 20 years. LOL... Nah... it at least makes the adults laugh!

RD and family and friends, I hope you LOVE these images. I know your hubby will!

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