Monday, June 29, 2009

Yummy Newborn!

I love photographing newborns. I really do. Once you get them to sleep, you can manipulate them however you want and get all the cute poses that you certainly can't get when they are awake!

Of course, if you have a baby whisperer like Sarah who flew all the way in from Idaho for her BF's first week of new motherhood, it really helps. I even tried to convince her to stay up here LOL. She had magic hands to get this lil guy asleep and it was wonderful! We finished the session in record time and I was so excited!

Thanks for coming over the other day and putting up with my crazy oven and the smoke alarm!


antimony said...

What adorable pictures!! It was fun working with you, and if I ever find the chance to live in Alaska (I don't think she knows how much her offer tempts me), I'm totally helping you with baby sessions!!

Jill said...

Gorgeous photos!!