Saturday, June 27, 2009

Three Texans and one Alaskan!

My friend is a True Blue Texan with the accent and all, and she and her Texan mom came over the other day for a three generation portrait session. Now I've known these guys since 2002 and I love them dearly! We've served in Primary together at church and have so many great memories.

Her oldest child, who is also a Texan, turned 7 just today, and so he wanted to be photographed with his absolutely favorite toy which is a dragon that makes all kinds of noise and when its mouth opens, it glows RED. This lil guy just lost a tooth also so that's why these are just too fun and I love them!

We all feel like this sometimes, don't we? When someone wants us to do something and we just don't want to?

Now here is the smile of a patriotic kid!
Here is the Alaskan baby!

Gorgeous smiles!

Can you believe that she is a Grandma to six cuties?

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Russ and Erin said...

Wow Megan you made my family appear gorgeous! Haha just kidding,they do look amazing though!Good job!