Friday, November 21, 2008

Just a note about packages and a couple other things.

Hi everyone,
I've had a lot of traffic on here recently, and I really appreciate that!

I think some folks are confused about my pricing. The packages for the Holiday Portrait Spectacular are solely for that particular event; if you have a regular session with me (ie not an event date) then the prices that I give you in your packet are the ones that apply. Most likely I am changing my structure for next year on many things, and that will most likely affect my packages etc.

Shipping is extra. We live in Alaska, there is no way around it. I am trying to find a way to make it easier, but even multiple orders come in multiple boxes. If I could find a professional print house right here in Anchorage that offers what my vendors offer, I would switch in a heartbeat. But since that option is not available right now, I will continue to use the vendors that I use and pay for shipping. I know, it's not a fun subject LOL.

My email is not working properly at this time. I do not know why. I apologize if you have tried to contact me through email and I have not received it. I've also emailed several people and they have not received my email. I will be calling ACS later on today to find out what the problem is.

Please do not contact me through my website, where it says "contact HBP". That link isn't working. Instead, you can click on my profile here on the blog, and send me an email that way.

I know... all kinds of bugs on here. But I wanted to make sure that everyone is up to date. Thanks for your patience and being so kind.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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