Thursday, October 9, 2008

The COOLEST backyard, EVER

This is friend, Ivan, and his wife Cheree, and their 2 adorable sons. Ivan is the gentleman who built my super-cool website and I am forever grateful for the fabulous job he did.

They recently moved to a place with the hugest backyard that overlooks Mt. Eklutna (I think!) except on the day I went to their house to photograph them, it was cloudy and rainy. *sigh* Which meant that the mountain was playing peek-a-boo... I tried to drive fast to beat the rain, but I didn't make it... but! their images turned out great, and this is just a sampling of them.

Now, their backyard is just ginormous. You get the gist of it somewhat in the first image with all four of them together. What you don't see is the area for the fire pit, the side yard with a dog pen, the bluff that overlooks the valley part and ... the COOLEST 2-story play house you've ever seen! The image of the boys on the step is at the play house and it's just awesome!

Ivan and Cheree, thanks so much for your hospitality and letting me come over and spend time with you guys, getting to know you better! And you guys made great models!

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