Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh you sweet lilttle baby!

When I do casting calls, I am generally trying out a new prop or concept. I recently found these beautiful rabbit skin pelts and thought, ooooh how pretty to put a baby on these with a rustic basket and it'll be just gorgeous! :D

This poor baby was willing to sleep. She really was. I finally was NOT the most interesting person in the room. However, when we put her on the pelts with the basket and it looked so cute... she would slide across the fur as if it were ice LOL. I'd get her settled, holding her still, silently willing her to keep her pose, and she'd sleep all right... til I let go... and sliiiiiide... and she'd wake up!

So I have to find a different thing to do with these pelts. And get a different basket.

So I did other stuff for momma... look how sweet these all turned out!

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