Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Hello, and welcome to Honey Bee Photography! I offer boutique photography for the discriminating budgeter. We have over 20 years of photography experience and offer mainstream photography to everyone, along with pin up photography, event photography, and even pets!

I am a military wife who loves our country. I volunteer with an organization called Operation: Love Reunited and in the last year have given time and albums to over 50 families in the 425 on Fort Rich. As you scroll through my blog, you'll see many of the families that I was privileged to photograph, either with crazy 3:45 am reunions, or full 2-hour sessions prior to deployment. Up until recently, I was the only active photographer in the area and so I am happy to say we have more photographers in the area who share my enthusiasm for doing these sessions. The value of these are priceless, and I have been happy to do them.

I was approached by a client last December who was so grateful to me for doing these that she volunteered for the 425's ball because she wanted someone who'd sacrificed sales and money out of her own pocket so these same soldiers could have memory albums close to their hearts while away on deployment. I was grateful and excited to see these couples and so many more at the ball on May 20, 2010.

As we know, things change on committees and an FRG person was working with a 2LT who wanted to see if they could get someone cheaper. They contacted me to find out exactly what I had in mind. I told them of the high quality portraiture they would receive, the excellent service during the ball, and that they would be receiving their portraits in the mail soon after. All they wanted was cheaper, and asked me to cut my prices because someone wanted to undercut me by 50%. With a staff of 7 people, there was no way I could do that, but offered an alternative package for Junior Enlisted couples.

I was notified that although it was kind of me to offer this, the FRG person said her commander wanted CHEAP, and so they chose to go with the other woman. Was I upset? Yes. Did I vent in a private forum? Yes. Did I contact this woman? No. Don't let her fool you.

Is there more to this than meets the eye? Do I need to answer that? But I choose not to divulge because I would not bash another photographer.

Do I wish her good luck in her endeavors? You bet. Military Balls are hard to photograph and she will have a waiting line all night long. Do I think she can do the job? I sure hope so. The members of the 425 and their spouses deserve the very best for the sacrifice that they made over the past year and need to have beautiful portraits, not avant garde photos they'd never put on their walls.

Apparently someone contacted this woman. It could have been someone from the private forum that I vented in, but I guarantee you it was NOT me. My personal reputation as an outstanding photographer means a lot to me and my family and clients.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have questions about this, please, feel free to ask away or call. 753-1050.


Jen said...

megan- you are amazing. what a LAME thing to have happen. :( i'm sorry. to me, this is just further proof that you are destined for greatness. and seriously- i need to get over there to order my stinking pictures! and we should try to set something up for family pics with all of us soon. sending you hugs on this snowy April day. :)

RitaLee said...


I'm sorry for your frustration. Your work is beautiful and is very appreciated, especially by the families of the 425th. Don't forget that!