Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Homecoming reunion

So this lady has been counting down the seconds til she could be in her love's arms again. All of these gals have been doing the same thing!

Can I tell you how much I love doing these reunions? It's such an emotional, amazing moment to be witness to and a total privilege to be asked to do them. Here's H's story.

She simply can't wait, the anticipation is killing her!

Her friend and moral support gives comfort while waiting.

Playing with her strand of pearls while waiting.

OMGosh! There he is!!!!

She desperately wants to run right in there and grab him!

Where is he!? There he is... look at the face above the little girl's pink shirt! The first glance!

Never gonna let go!

Too many kisses are never enough!

A year full of emotions runs thick.

"Don't cry babe" is what she said she thought he might say to her first thing.

The world is gone in a moment. All there is is just these two lovers savoring the moment.

Check out the reunion on the left, a lil baby meets his daddy for possibly the very first time.

Later she commented that he'd given her a bag o' bricks...

Kiss her! I said! Looks like he did a superb job to me! LOL
Thanks H for inviting me to be a special part of this moment in your lives. God bless.
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